The Guest Review Awards are awarded annually by Booking.com to accommodation facilities as recognition for the results obtained during the previous year thanks to the reviews received by guests of all nationalities until December 31st of the year. The award is a symbol of the commitment that unites the company with its partner structures all over the world and Casa Oliva has received the Guest Review Awards 2017, obtaining a total score of 8.9!
Among the topics most mentioned by the English and German guests are the availability of the Staff, the relaxation of the place, while the French and the Dutch have greatly appreciated the pool and the location of the structure. The Italians have particularly appreciated the family atmosphere, the cleanliness of the places and of course the delicacies of our GustaMente Restaurant.
Needless to say, we are grateful to all the friends of Booking.com who have stayed with us expressing their judgment at the end of the holiday!
All reviews on Booking.com are visible for 24 months and are written by Guests after they have actually stayed at the facilities.
Looking forward to this recognition, despite our constant commitment, we aim even higher for 2018!

Thank you!


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Casa Oliva Guest Review Awards 2017

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