The original capital of the Duchy of Montefeltro (35 km from Pesaro) extends across the top of two hills. Its houses and churches are built down each hill as far Porta Lavagine on the north-east slope and Porta Valbona to the south-west. This is one of the major art towns in the world, both because […]

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Stands on the Adriatic coast (12 km south of Pesaro). The old town was built on the flat coastal area, about 3km north of the mouth of the River Metauro. Behind the town, on both sides of the valley, is a hilly backdrop which falls away to form a wide plain. Fano was originally known […]

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A town with a wealth of buildings, situated in the middle of the Upper Metauro Valley (62 km from the sea) and edged on three sides by the river which runs beneath its ancient town wall. It was founded in the Middle Ages as Castel delle Ripe and stood on the left bank of the […]

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