That yoga is good is well known and widely said. In recent years its expansion has been vast and is practiced all over the world. The reason? Perhaps people are exhausted by such a material world, perhaps it is tendency to be “spiritual”, perhaps stress has reached such a high level that alternative solutions are sought to get it down. Whatever the reason, yoga is a loyal ally for the health of the body, mind and spirit. This practice, born about 5000 BC in India, was originally used to learn how to control the senses and reach a state of liberation of the material world; the knowledge was transmitted orally from master to disciple and there was no written text explaining the positions and functioning of the discipline. It will be necessary to arrive at 500 BC because the knowledge is grouped for the first time in a single text and, thanks to it, yoga has managed to reach us. Today it has become a practice for everyone.

This is why Casa Oliva in collaboration with the Master Siri organize two intensive weekends of meditation and yoga immersed in the nature that surrounds the structure and the entire village of Bargni.

The two seminars will be held during the weekends of 8-9-10 June and 15-16-17 June 2018.

For information, costs and reservations: 339.3889293 (Siri) | 328.0291613 (Federica)

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