Spread across the slopes of a hillside, this ancient fortified town consists of terraced streets and steep alleyways, flanked by buildings arranged at different levels and surrounded by an escarpment wall. In front of it stands the long piazza of the borgo. The town was already a settlement in Roman times, as is shown by […]

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Stands on the alluvial coastal plain of the Adriatic, at the mouth of the River Foglia, between the hills of Colle Ardizio to the south east and Colle San Bartolo to the north west. The area has been inhabited since the 6th Century BC, when there was a harbour at the mouth of the Pisaurus, […]

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Stands close to the Marche-Umbria border, and between the Provinces of Pesaro and Perugia. We find it along the main road which heads up from Acqualagna to Piobbico and on to the Bocca Serriola Pass (730 metres) before dropping down to Città di Castello. Apecchio was built at the confluence of the Biscubio and Menatoio […]

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