The Hamlet

The Hamlet of Bargni is located in the province of Pesaro Urbino. Leaving the Adriatic coast from Fano you can climb the ancient roman Flaminia road to the hinterland that offers visitors an unforgettable spectacle. Down the road through the untouched nature, you come to a small, ancient town with a great history: Bargni.
In such a charming place, Cardinal Rannuzzi found inspiration in a letter dated 27 August 1683, addressed to the bargnese abbot Domenico Federici. He wrote:
“I am glad that your manor in Bargni is almost completed: please arrange a room for me where I will dwell with much enjoyment compared to these great courtiers in Versailles, where the manor shows the great wealth of the King, but little knowledge of their architects”.
The astonishment comes from the words of the Cardinal who prefers the small castle to the French magnificence. What attracted visitors and admirers in that forgotten place was the quiet and the healthy living which offered meditation and tranquility.
Today Bargni seems still so: a small gem where everything has remained at the time of Cardinal Rannuzzi.
A history that began as almost all the castles of the Metauro Valley whose main task was to defend the territory. The center of the government of the castles was Fano that emanated its orders for the whole territory. The neighboring countries to the city were called Ville, which had no military significance and did not house any captain. On the contrary, the castles, which were rather in important positions for the defense of the territory and access roads to the city, had their military militia.
In 1326 the castle under the rule of Fano amounted to 37 and among them appeared Bargni that, because of its strategic position, played a decisive role in the defense of the Fano territory. At 280m above the sea level, on the welcoming Marche hills, between Romagna and Tuscany, hidden in the tall ancient walls of stone houses and romantic cobbled streets.
A timeless magic that strikes the traveler, promising a very special retreat.

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